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Where everyone is welcome

Sunday Activities


10am Sunday Service at Balgownie Community Centre, 113 Balgownie Road, Balgownie

Midweek Activities


Monday 5pm: Online women’s study.

Tuesday 2.30pm: Bible Study.

Tuesday 5pm: Book discussion group. Venue: Online via Zoom.

Wednesday: Senior’s Social Event, 1st Wednesday of the month. Details published in newsletter.

Wednesday 10am: ‘Knit & Knatter’ meets fortnightly at Balgownie Village Community Centre, 113 Balgownie Rd, Balgownie.

Wednesday 7.30pm: Home Group.

Thursday 10am: Women’s Bible Study.

Friday evenings: Youth Group.

Visiting Tribute Bands in the area. Monthly Friday or Saturday Evening.

Details available in the weekly newsletter.

Service in the Community 

Our members have always sought to make a positive contribution in their community. Following are just a few of the ways we’ve served our community both near and far.

Sponsorship of two deaf students in the Philippines through ‘Deaf Action’.

Our Church has decided to sponsor two students who are somewhat disabled because they are deaf.
They are both students at the Bacolod City National High School in the Philippines.
Geneveve started school late because her parents could not afford to pay for her education.
She is progressing well and has now started Grade 9
Her favorite sport is Badmington and her favorite subject is English
Gerald has been deaf since birth, 11th October 2002, but the cause is unknown.
Gerald has no father now, and lives with his mother, four brothers, and one sister at Himalayan City. He stays at the Bacolod Dormitory to attend school and goes home for the weekend to help look after his siblings. His mother works hard but only earns a low wage and struggles to support and pay school expenses for her children.
Gerald was promoted to Grade 8 in June 2019 and is progressing well. He continues to be a friendly and helpful student, and is also very athletic.
His favourite subject is English, and he enjoys riding and running.



Transform Cambodia

In September 2022 we joined with our sister churches in the Illawarra (iCentral, Southern Church, and NewDay) to raise $6,556 of sponsorship funds for Transform Cambodia.
You can find our more about Transform Cambodia by clicking here.
At Transform they seek out and rescue the most vulnerable and neglected street children of Phnom Penh. Transform rescues and protects them from all the many injustices of poverty. Transform is involved in educating, clothing, feeding and championing them. Transform seeks to restore their dignity and hand them the keys to a life of unlimited potential.
Online Gift Catalogue:
Online Sponsorship Sign-up:

Autism Spectrum Australia

In January 2019 we have been able to help out the Autism Spectrum Australia school at Tarrawanna by providing the school with a laptop and some special software tor the students.
We want to thank the Principal Bruce Rowles for helping us set this up.

Farmborough Road Primary School Breakfast Club 

A small group of volunteers from our church provided a nourishing breakfast for forty children from Farmborough Road Primary School two mornings a week.

The church raised money to pay for materials so that our volunteers could renovate the breakfast room. Renovations included full painting, new carpet, new fridge and some tasteful decorating.
We are extremely grateful for the sponsorship from Woolworths.