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Table of Contents

Spiritual Basics

Click image for How Do I Pray?
Click image for How Do I Read The Bible In One Year?
Click image for How Do I Study The Bible?
Click image to go to Prayer Course
Click Image for Bible Study Method
Click on image to go to 'World Bible School' resources.

Click here for a range of excellent Bible Reading Plans including plans for reading 5 minutes a day, reading through the bible, and plans in multiple languages.

What does the bible teach about:

Click image for a study of 'Jesus in the Bible'.
Click image for a Study of 'What the Bible Teaches about Baptism'.

Resources for Relationships

Click image for resources on Relationships

Stewardship & Generosity Resouces

Click to download PDF of 40 Life Changing Truths

How and why to share the message of Jesus with others

1. Watch the Intro video by Pastor Pete (2:31) 2. Watch the Oikos Map video (6:37) 3. Complete the Oikos Diagram as explained in the video above. 4. Regularly pray for those in your Oikos List.

Click image for Oikos Prayer List
Click image for Your Oikos Map
Click image for How Do I Share My Faith
Click to access resource for New Christians

Free online courses for going deeper into your faith

Click on the image to check out free courses from 'For The Church Institute'
Click on the image to check out free courses from 'ACOM', our Churches of Christ College


Click image for Leadership Lessons with Pastor Barry